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1 May 2016: Five years ago, I published an article in Danish about the notorious lawyer Jens Peter Jørgensen in St. Thomas. As this biography may also be of interest to non-Danish speaking people interested in the history of Danish West Indies (now U.S. Virgin Islands), I have translated the article and my good friend Dante Beretta has provided valuable assistance by correcting mistakes and misspellings and - most of all - by improving the flow of the language. The translated version of the article is now available on the web site.

9 Nov 2011: This web site is mainly in Danish, my mother tongue. Where relevant and bespoken, I translate individual pages - or summaries thereof - into English. This is particularly true for the Hugo Larsen section. But the rest of the web site is only sporadically available in English. To overcome this problem in part, I have on experimental basis introduced Google Translate in the silhouette section of which only the index page has been properly translated. If you navigate the silhouette section and meet a page in Danish, you can click on the link [English] in the navigation bar and you will be presented with the option to get a rough translation powered by Google Translate. I realize the shortcomings of this partial solution, but hope that it will be of some use to you. If I get positive feed back on this option, I will introduce it all over the web site.

2 Aug 2008: Fifteen of Hugo Larsen's works from the Danish West Indies will be on display in Copenhagen from 30 Aug to 26 Oct 2008 at the exhibition "Transfer" at Overgaden - Danish Institute for Contemporary Art.
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23 Sep 2007: The owner of the gallery of ancestors in Poul Jacobsen Kinafarer's family has generously offered to donate the gallery to the Cultural Museum of Faaborg in Denmark. I have committed to raise funding for home transportation of the gallery among family members and other interested parties.
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26 aug 2007: Positive surprises are welcome, but rare. Now one has happened to me in the shape of a beautiful, but completely unknown West Indian painting by Hugo Larsen. The painting is exciting in itself, but it also carries an interesting history.
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2 Jun 2007: A gallery of ancestors in Poul Jacobsen Kinafarer's family has for generations been considered lost. Now it has emerged in good shape on the other side of the globe. Read the history and enjoy the fine paintings.
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1 May 2007: A leading Danish researcher in furniture art is writing a book about Danish furniture in the period 1840-1920. The researcher is making inquiries about an important set of furniture in the style of renaissance.
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31 Jul 2006: St. Croix Friends of Denmark with Nina York as the driving force has embarked on an exciting project "Danish Artist Hugo Larsen's Cultural Portrait of Our Islands 1904-1907" with the objective of producing a film about the life and culture of the then Danish West Indies as seen through Hugo Larsen's eyes and art. The project has already reached its first important milestone.

13 Apr 2006: Danish Maritime Museum ( has just announced in its latest newsletter that it will continue Øregaard Museum's Hugo Larsen exhibition with opening 24 May 2006.

27 Jan 2006: The Hugo Larsen exhibition is now a reality. Close to 70 original works of art are on display at Øregaard Museum in Copenhagen. In connection with the exhibition, a small book about Hugo Larsen and his art has been published. Both the exhibition and the book are highly recommendable.

25 Sep 2005: Lauritz Howe was a productive painter and his works are quite often seen for sale. I have made a page with reference to paintings currently for sale.

A small page has been adden with curiosities that I have for sale or am making inquiries about.

11 Sep 2005: Øregaard Museum north of Copenhagen is arranging a separate exhibition of Hugo Larsen's works from the Danish West Indies. The exhibition will open on 13 Jan 2006 and close on 30 Apr 2006.
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Due to the coming exhibition, a number of previously unknown Hugo Larsen paintings have been photographed and are now on display in the West Indian gallery.

Hugo Larsen's portrait collection is now so big that it has been split in his muses, family and self portraits and other portraits.

10 May 2004:
My webhotel has been down for three days. This encompasses both e-mail and homepage. I apologize for any inconvenience and ask you to resend any e-mail that you may have sent to me during the last days. Thank you.

8 May 2004:
Some recent sales of Lauritz Howe paintings out of Denmark have prompted a complete translation of the Lauritz Howe section into English. This includes a small biography, a virtual gallery and a number of auction records.

17 Apr 2004:
The amount of reproductions in the Hugo Larsen gallery has now enabled me to specialize the exhibitions, emphasizing a couple of additional themes in his art. First, there is now a separate exhibition room for his brilliant and unique West Indian drawings. Second, a collection of portraits of beautiful women owned by Hugo Larsen himself is now displayed separately under the title Hugo Larsen's Muses.

21 Mar 2004:
The collection of reproductions of Hugo Larsen's works in the Virtual Gallery now contains more than 100 pictures. This is now the most comprehensive presentation of his art ever.

2 Nov 2003:
I have now completed writing English summary and index pages for all sections of the home page. Furthermore, whenever you try to access an English version of a page that has not been translated, you will be offered to go to the relevant summary and index page for the section that you are in. I sincerely hope that this will improve your navigation in a mainly Danish home page.

13 Oct 2003:
You have probably noticed that most of this homepage is still in Danish only. From time to time people ask me to translate or explain certain topics in English and it is my impression that even English speaking visitors are getting some value out of my Danish pages. I am therefore trying to improve the navigation by adding English index pages to all the main areas of my site. Most recently this has been done for the Coldevin and Tuxen families and this process will continue. Based on visitor requests I have translated the pages describing Peder Mandrup Tuxen (1783-1838) and the family Boldich into English.

9 Aug 2003:
News about Hugo Larsen: After a vacation in US Virgin Islands I have collected material for an elaborate and personal article on Hugo Larsens trip to the Danish West Indies from 1904 to 1907. During the vacation I also took a number of photos for a pictorial review of Then and Now. Finally, I have managed to structure the inquiries about his paintings.

25 May 2003:
The Hugo Larsen Gallery now contains close to 70 photos of his works, including several 'new' ones from the Danish West Indies. A list of his auction records has been added.

26 Dec 2002:
My layout template has undergone a complete redesign. The display of my pages should not change much, but everything has changed behind the curtain. Almost all my layout has been implemented in an external Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) file instead of in tables, making it a relatively simple task to get my pages validated in XHTML 1.0 Strict. Also, Google is now the search engine in my navigation bar. I have also made an effort to hide my e-mail address from spam robots collecting addresses. The new layout will be implemented gradually. And slowly, I might add, as a complete layout change requires quite some copy-and-paste in all files.

8 Jun 2002:
Since mid April I have prepared to move my homepage to my own domain, This has happened today. The move has meant a lot of structural changes, layout streamlining, error correction etc. Should new errors have occured, I would be pleased to be told.
Hugo Larsen's gallery now contains over 40 reproductions. The additions are mainly from his 'Manor Period' in Denmark.
A small gallery of Lauritz Howe's works has been added.

31 Mar 2002:
More than 30 reproductions of Hugo Larsen's works of art are now on display in the virtual gallery. Each section of the gallery now has a front page with an overview and links to the individual reproductions.

24 Mar 2002:
I have finally managed to make a reasonably structured English overview of my homepage. It is by no means complete and probably never will be. But I hope it will be a bit more usable now. The changes mainly affect the homepage itself, the biographies and the genealogies. More to come ..
A biography of the Danish impressionistic painter Hugo Larsen (1875-1950) has been released. I am also constructing a virtual gallery of his. The gallery mainly consists of paintings and drawings from the Danish West Indies (now U.S. Virgin Islands).