Picture of my ancestor tree Jan Tuxen (1947-) Arne Buchter-Larsen (1913-87) Nancy Benedicte Tuxen (1920-96) Axel Vilhelm Larsen (1876-1934) Julie Margrethe Buchter (1883-1965) Sverre Hamre Hansen (1889-1937) Hermine Benedicte (Lita) Tuxen (1895-1953) Sofus Vilhelm Larsen (1848-1919) Isidora Augusta Strip (1850-1934) Jean Charles Marius Buchter (1837-93) Clara Louise Simplicia Gamél (1843-1926) Hans Jacob Andreas Hansen (1844-) Anna Nancy Benedicte Hamre (1860-) Vigand Knud Tuxen (1859-1902) Kathrine Antonette Coldevin (1870-1956) Isidora Augusta Strip's ancestors Jean Charles Marius Buchter's ancestors Clara Louise Simplicia Gamél's ancestors Hans Jacob Andreas Hansen's ancestors Anna Nancy Benedicte Hamre's ancestors Vigand Knud Tuxen's ancestors Kathrine Antonette Coldevin's ancestors

Jan Tuxen

Genealogy, artists, biographies, silhouettes etc.



Family histories, articles, descendant tables and other descriptions of a number of Danish and Norwegian families. Let your mouse take a trip in the world's most compact ancestor tree in the upper left corner of this page or proceed to a written version.

Hugo Larsen

Perhaps the most talented Danish painter ever to visit the Danish West Indies (now US Virgin Islands). Enjoy the biography, an extensive gallery of this brilliant impressionist's paintings and drawings and more.


Silhouettes were widely used for portraits during several generations before the photographies took over. In the hand of a master, they are small pieces of art. It is less known that they can also be used as genealogical sources.


A number of people related to my interests deserve more fame than they receive elsewhere.

Middle and Northern Norway

I take a particular interest in genealogy of this area, e.g. related to the works by Svein Tore Dahl and Kåre Hasselberg.


I have made a small guide to making photographies of paintings. Among other subjects you may find a few thoughts about webdesign, a collection of links and antilinks, and a feedback form.