Hugo Larsen

Paintings from Danish West Indies (U.S. Virgin Islands) 1904-07

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A booklet containing numerous essential articles about Hugo Larsen has been published in 2006 in connection with the Hugo Larsen exhibition. The book is written by the domain experts and is thoroughly illustrated with color reproductions of Hugo Larsen paintings and drawings.

"Hugo Larsen in the Danish West Indies 1904-07", 80 pages, semi-hard cover.
Publisher: Øregaard Museum, Denmark.
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Hugo Larsen was probably the most gifted Danish artist ever to visit the Danish West Indies (the present US Virgin Islands). His paintings and drawings from the former Danish colony are unique in more than one sense, but virtually unknown. His realistic and empathetic descriptions of the people of colour in the Danish West Indies are unparallelled in the art history. They also present to us an insight into the cultural history of the islands. In addition, the impressionistic elements in these paintings add a dimension by calling attention to the shimmering light of the tropics.

Most of the original paintings which are reproduced here, are currently on display at the special Hugo Larsen exhibition at Øregaard Museum in Copenhagen.

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Nanny and the child, St. Thomas, 1905. Scenery from St. Thomas, 1907. Moonshine, St. Thomas, 1905. From a rhumshop, St. Croix, 1905. A Corner of a Rum Shop, St. Croix 1905
Landscape with houses. From the Hills above Charlotte Amalie. Donkey in Stable, St. Thomas, 1905. Landscape. Palms.
Gallows Bay, St. Croix, 1905. Overview of Charlotte Amalie, 1911. A Sugar Factory, St. Croix, 1905. Sugar harvest, St. Croix, 1910. A jobmaker, St. Thomas 1905.
Scenery with donkeys, 1906. View of Christiansted. Portrait of an unknown girl, St. Thomas 1905. Sugar Factory Workers (St. Croix). The Salute for the Danish King Christian IX at his last Birthday in 1905.
Still Life with West Indian Fruit, 1905. Police Officer, St. Thomas 1905. Hugo Larsen(?): Man, Wife and Donkey (probably St. Croix). Hugo Larsen: View from the plantation "Little Princess" towards Christiansted, St. Croix. Hugo Larsen: Moonlight over the Harbour of Charlotte Amalie.
Young Woman, St. Thomas 1905. Hugo Larsen: Coastal View, St. Jago de Cuba, 1904. Hugo Larsen: The Salute for King Christian IX, St. Thomas 8 Apr 1905. Hugo Larsen: A Milk Seller, St. Thomas 1907. Hugo Larsen: The Post Office in Christiansted.
Moron's Castle (Bluebeard's Castle), St. Thomas 1904. The Sugar Factory, Sion Farm, St. Croix 1905. Landscape, St. Thomas 1904. A Corner of the Market, St. Thomas 1906. Scenery from St. Croix, 1906.
Harbour Scene, St. Thomas 1906. Moonlight, Charlotte Amalie. View of Christiansted, 1905. Draft of a Danish West Indian plaque. King Palms and a Sugar Field, 1905.
Fort Christian, St. Thomas Government's Hill, St. Thomas Sunrise, 1906 View from the Beach over the Sea, St. Croix 1905 From the Pier, St. Thomas 1907
Rachel Ann Proctor, St. Thomas 1906 A Donkey Head, St. Thomas 1905 Coastal Scenery, St. Croix 1905 Constitution Hill, St. Croix 1905 View from Cathrineberg (now Denmark Hill), St. Thomas
Male Profile Portrait, St. Thomas 1905 The Yard in Christiansted, 1906 Landscape, St. Thomas 1905    

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