Lauritz Howe (1869-1945)

Danish Painter

Lauritz Howe was a popular and productive Danish artist, yet virtually unknown. He had a very broad range of motives and left a legacy of charming art describing Denmark in the early 20th century.

Lauritz Howe: Selfportrait


Lauritz Howe was educated in Germany, but worked in Denmark throughout his career. There is little knowledge documented about him. I have made an attempt to collect what is available.

Auction Records

Lauritz Howe had a considerable production, but until recently his works were seldomly sold at auction. I have collected a few auction records to give you an impression of the variety of his art and an indication of the price level.

Lauritz Howe: East Asiatic Company's training ship København

A Virtual Gallery

Unless you own a painting by Howe yourself there is little chance to see his art. To the best of my knowledge, only one museum ever bought a painting of his. Which is why I am collecting and displaying a small gallery of photos of his art. Please enter and enjoy.
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Lauritz Howe for sale

Have you taken an interest in Lauritz Howe's art and want to own a painting yourself? Visit this page for an overview of items currently for sale.