Jan Tuxen

Genealogies, ancestors etc.

My homepage is loaded with information about a number of families, mostly from Denmark and Norway. Although in Danish, I hope you can make use of some parts of the home page. Here is some guidance:

Here you will find my ancestors, coming from Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Norway etc.

Here is a bit about the family Tuxen. The litterature list should also be readable. Most branches are covered by the descendant trees.

Here is a bit about Poul Jacobsen Kinafarer, a merchant of the early 1700s in Faaborg, Denmark.

Here is a story about the family Brandstrup, about which I am currently writing a genealogy book together with Werner Brandstrup Andreasen (e-mail: wernerbra@oncable.dk).

Here you will find comprehensive info about the Norwegian patrician family Coldevin.

Overview of biographies of which some are in English.

If you are looking for particular names or places, you may use the search box on top of this page or turn to my search page.

If you have any interest in the persons or family names that you see on my home page, do not hesitate to contact me via email (See address at the bottom of this page). I am willing to share the info I have. You are most welcome to write in English. If you write in German or French, I hope you will apologize that I will reply in English as my capabilities with respect to writing in German and French are rather rusty.

If you prefer to write a letter, here is my postal address.