The Family Tuxen

Tuxen is a well-known Danish family of which several members have influenced the Danish history.

The family originates from a vicar Lorenz Tuxen in Store Solt in the duchy of Schleswig. He died in 1612.

I have collected quite some material about this family. Unfortunately, it is dominantly in Danish.


From vicar Lorenz Tuxen (-1612) through the first generations until the family divides into distinct branches.


Family sheets

There are probably many thousands of descendants in this family, although the family name itself is rare. I have collected descendant tables of a number of the early branches.



Few in the family ever became rich, but many were prominent citizens. And they were portrayed.

Arms of the noble family Tuxen

Lorenz Tuxen (1618-82)

The queen's bailiff Lorenz Tuxen played an important part in the war against Sweden 1658-60 and a branch of his descendants was later ennobled by the Danish king.
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A number of family members are worth portraying, among them Peder Mandrup Tuxen, the dominant progenitor of the present family Tuxen.

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