Poul Jacobsen Kinafarer (1717-75)

Merchant in Faaborg, Denmark

Poul Jacobsen, nicknamed Kinafarer due to his three trips to China, became a rich merchant in Faaborg and the progenitor of a large descendency.

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Poul Kinafarer had with his wife Mette Marie Storm 13 children of which 8 lived and 5 of these had descendants. It is estimated that there are currently more than 2,000 descendants of this couple.

The Family Storm

In the family Storm there are a number of interesting diplomas, diaries and family histories that my wife and I reproduced in a small book in 1994.

Hans Storm (1810-78)

Hans Storm, a great-grandchild of Poul Kinafarer, also sailed to China and wrote a diary during the trip. Later he became a skipper of Assens and Kerteminde. In 2002 Erik Ingemann (a great-grandchild of Hans Storm) wrote a noteworthy book on his life.

An Ancestor Gallery

A very special ancestor gallery - including the portrait of Poul Kinafarer's wife Mette Marie Storm - has recently emerged. See the interesting history and enjoy the beautiful paintings.

Mette Marie Storm back to Denmark?

The beautiful painting of Mette Marie Storm and the other pictures in the ancestor gallery have now been returned to Denmark and left in the safe hands of Faaborg Cultural Historic Museums. The project lasted almost a year and was financed by a collection among Mette Marie Storm's descendants.