Jan Tuxen

Overview of ancestors

Photo of my great grandmother, my grandmother, my mother and myself

There are many ways of illustrating an ancestor tree. Here is one branch of mine which is very close to my heart, my great grandmother Kathrine Coldevin, my grandmother Lita Tuxen, my mother Nancy Tuxen and myself. The photo has probably been made in the fall of 1950 when my great grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday. The photo also sort of illustrates the geographical migration that my family has been through. My great grandmother was from an old patrician family in Northern Norway of which many ancestors originally came from the duchies of the present Northern Germany. She lived in Northern Norway all her life, whereas my grandmother Lita first moved to Oslo after her marriage, and thereafter to Copenhagen to settle. Both she and her descendants became Danish, although with strong Norwegian roots. The strong family ties in this branch are illustrated by the many travels that were made between Denmark and Northern Norway, even at the time when there was no railroad north of Trondheim. There was - and still is - quite a distance from Bodø north of the Polar Circle to Copenhagen. However, during the nine years that my great grandmother lived after my birth she was in Copenhagen at least three times, the last time on her way back from Boston where her youngest son had settled. Also the Danish family often travelled to Northern Norway which can be seen on the many family photos of the time. So if anyone wonders how the "Hurtigruten", the famous costal ship route, could survive before the tourists invaded Norway, perhaps part of the explanation is here :-)

Over time, the tree of my known ancestors has grown rather big. Also, additions tend to come in quite narrow branches at the same time. Therefore, I have divided my own ancestor tree into those of my great grandparents. By this organisation, certain things become clearer. First of all I (and my predecessors) have not researched all branches equally well. Second, the origins of my different ancestor branches become much more evident. And most of my ancestors are not Danish at all. They are German, French, Swiss, Norwegian and Swedish. Longer back in history they even have origins in the Netherlands and England. An unconfirmed rumour even mentions Russian nobility among the ancestors.


The below tree of myself, my parents, grandparents and great grandparents is in English, while the links to my great grandparents' ancestors all lead to pages in Danish. As these ancestor trees are partly generated from my genealogy program (Brothers' Keeper), it would be an overwhelming task to make and maintain a translated version. I hope that at least the basic info is understandable to you.

1. Jan Tuxen born 7 Feb 1947, Trinitatis parish, Copenhagen, baptized 7 Apr 1947, Ordrup Church, Copenhagen, married (1) 4 Feb 1969 in Sorø Church, Grete Falborg, born 7 Feb 1948, St. Mathæus parish, Copenhagen, dead 20 Sep 1993, Odense, buried 25 Sep 1993, married (2) at Gentofte town hall, Tove Susanne Storm, born 30 Jan 1953, Baggesvogn, Sindal, baptized 5 Apr 1953, Tapdrup Church.
Project Co-ordinator.


2. Arne Buchter-Larsen, born 27 Jun 1913, Frihavn's parish, Copenhagen, baptized 20 Jul 1913, Frihavn Church, Copenhagen, married (1) Grete Birgitte Nyegaard, born in Copenhagen, married (2) 2 Feb 1946 at Gentofte town hall to Nancy Benedicte Tuxen, married (3) Dec 1967 in Nyborg Church to Nini Arlette Theilade, born 15 Jun 1915, Java. Arne died 18 Jun 1987, Lyon, France, buried 8 Jul 1987, Holmen graveyard, Copenhagen.
Concert Director.

3. Nancy Benedicte Tuxen born 11 Mar 1920, Oslo, Norway, baptized 4 Aug 1920 in Bygdøy chapel, Ullern parish, Oslo, dead 10 Dec 1996, Aalborg, buried 14 Dec 1996 from Øland Church.
Teacher of domestic science.


4. Axel Vilhelm Larsen born 15 Oct 1876, married to Julie Margrethe Buchter. Axel died 3 May 1934, buried 13 May 1934, Holmen graveyard, Copenhagen.
Wholesale merchant.

5. Julie Margrethe Buchter born 27 Jan 1883, Frederiksberg, baptized 6 May 1883, St. Stefan's Church (churchbook of Frederiksberg Church), dead 18 Dec 1965, Gentofte, buried 20 Jan 1966, Holmens graveyard, Copenhagen.
Wholesale merchant.

6. Sverre Hamre Hansen born 15 Mar 1889, Bergen, married 21 May 1915 in Bodin Church, Bodø with Hermine Benedicte (Lita) Tuxen. Sverre died 3 Jun 1937, Copenhagen, buried from the crematorium of Bispebjerg.
Wholesale merchant.

7. Hermine Benedicte (Lita) Tuxen born 27 Oct 1895, Belsvåg, Alstahaug, Norway, baptized 31 Oct 1895, Alstahaug Church, dead 3 Mar 1953, Copenhagen, buried 9 Mar 1953, Garnison's graveyard, Copenhagen.

Great grandparents

8. Sofus Vilhelm Larsen born 1 Jun 1848, Copenhagen, married to Isidora Augusta Strip. Sofus died 13 Sep 1919, Copenhagen, buried 19 Sep 1919, Holmen graveyard, Copenhagen.
Master Painter.

9. Isidora Augusta Strip born 10 Aug 1850, dead 16 Feb 1934, Copenhagen, buried 26 Feb 1934, Holmen graveyard (from the crematorium of Bispebjerg 22 Feb 1934).

10. Jean Charles Marius Buchter born 26 Dec 1837, Copenhagen, married 6 May 1868 in the Citadel Church, Copenhagen, with Clara Louise Simplicia Gamél. Jean died 9 Feb 1893, Frederiksberg.
Head cashier in the Commerce Bank of Copenhagen.

11. Clara Louise Simplicia Gamél born 6 Oct 1843, Copenhagen, dead 29 Oct 1926, Frederiksberg.

12. Hans Jacob Andreas Hansen born 1844, Bergen, married to Anna Nancy Benedicte Hamre, born 1860, Haugesund.

13. Anna Nancy Benedicte Hamre born 1860, Haugesund.

14. Vigand Knud Tuxen born 30 Jan 1859, Copenhagen, baptized 8 May 1859, Holmen Church, Copenhagen, married 3 Jan 1895 in Dønnes Church to Kathrine Antonette Coldevin. Vigand died 20 Jan 1902, Belsvåg, buried Alstahaug graveyard.

15. Kathrine Antonette Coldevin born 26 Oct 1870, Dønnes, baptized in Dønnes Church, married (1) 3 Jan 1895 in Dønnes Church to Vigand Knud Tuxen, born 30 Jan 1859, Copenhagen, baptized 8 May 1859, Holmen Church, dead 20 Jan 1902, Belsvåg, buried Alstahaug graveyard, married (2) 19 Aug 1904 in Alstahaug Church to Peter Christian Boye, born 4 Jan 1857, dead 25 Sep 1937, Bodø. Kathrine died 13 May 1956, Asker, buried Alstahaug graveyard.