Kåre Hasselberg

Genealogist in Trondheim, Norway

Kåre Hasselberg holds an M.A. with history as subsidiary subject. He works as a professional genealogist specialising in archive searches. His basis is the Middle and Northern Norwegian regions with Trondheim as the administrative and clerical center. Mr. Hasselberg accepts private investigations.

Mr. Hasselberg's strong point is a deep knowledge in genealogy of Middle and Northern Norway combined with a thorough and careful method of investigation. He is a recognized expert in interpreting old handwritten documents.

Mr. Hasselberg has published several books and articles. In 1999 he published the book 'Embetsmenn i Nord-Norge i tiden 1536-1700' ('Officials in Northern Norway from 1536 to 1700') together with Svein Tore Dahl. Read more about the book on this page.

Mr. Hasselberg is currently planning further publications, particularly based on the protocols of Trondheim city and county. In addition, plans include a new version of the above book covering more positions and the entire period 1537-1837.


Kåre Hasselberg
Brushaneveien 36
N-7082 Kattem
E-mail: khass@online.no.