Copyright is a peculiar thing. It is extremely easy to copy contents from other peoples' homepages and reuse it in other contexts. But the copyright laws - both in my country and in yours - are rather strict.

I do not want to be strict. A primary purpose of my homepage is to promote knowledge about the topics that I describe. On the other hand my pages contain material that is the copyright of other people in addition to my own material. Furthermore I have experienced several cases of misuse of my material, e.g. when other people have copied articles of mine and published them as their own, not to speak of those who link directly to my pictures, thereby stealing not only my material, but also my bandwidth. So rules are needed and here they come:

What you may do

You are welcome to link to my HTML pages, also deep links. Hopefully in a relevant context :-)

You may bring shorter quotes from my homepage, e.g. a paragraph. The prerequisite is that the quoted text is clearly marked as such and that you clearly reference the source - e.g. with a link - in direct connection with the quotation.

You may - with reference to the source - bring information and knowledge from my pages in your own context, e.g. in an article of your own. Note that this permission does not cover direct copying and publishing of my text (see above).

You are allowed to download parts of my homepage for your own purposes, i.e. not for publishing.

You may copy and reuse the technology - e.g. HTML setup, CSS layout, scripts etc. - that I use on my homepage. Note that parts of the technology may carry other peoples' copyright which is clearly marked in the code.

What you are not allowed to

You are not without my written permission allowed to copy whole articles and pages for publication in other contexts, not even with reference to the source.

You are not without my written permission allowed to copy pictures from my homepage for publication in other contexts.

You are not allowed to link to pictures on my homepage from other sites on the Internet.

Special needs?

If you have particular needs extending beyond the permissions above, then let's discuss it. I want to be open, and if your purpose is legitimate we will probably find a solution.