The Family Tuxen


The family Tuxen has had many prominent citizens of which quite a few were portrayed. The purpose of the present page is to collect and show reproductions of these portraits for the rest of the family to enjoy. If you own of know of one or more portraits in the family, please contact me so we can complement this page.

Looking at the naval officers it is evident that they have been portrayed more than once as they were promoted and decorated, but still with the same painting as origin. My thanks to the Norwegian expert in uniforms, Knut Erik Strøm for identifying the badges of rank on the portraits.

Click on one of the thumbnails below to see the painting in a larger reproduction or start a tour of the portrait gallery here.


Thanks to Charlotte Tuxen, Elisabeth Graebner, Henrik Tuxen. Hans Jacob Tuxen, Inger Mayuree Faber and others for their support in making reproductions of the shown portraits available for the Portrait Gallery.