Poul Jacobsen Kinafarer (1717-75)

Mette Marie Storm's ancestors

1.    Mette Marie Hansdatter Storm, born 1727 in Brahetrolleborg, dead 30 Aug 1814 in Faaborg, buried in Faaborg Church.

    Married 24 May 1748 in Brahetrolleborg to Poul Jacobsen born 3 Jan 1717, Svanninge, dead 18 Feb 1775, Faaborg, buried 25 Feb 1775 in Faaborg Church. Merchant in Faaborg. Nicknamed Poul Kinafarer, because he went three times to China on board Asiatic Company's ships in the years 1735-44. A warehouse to his merchant courtyard in Faaborg is still standing. Described in many sources.


2.    Hans Rasmussen Storm, born appr. 1693 in Håstrup, dead appr. 1765 in Brahetrolleborg.  Copyhold farmer, Høbbet. Married 25 Oct 1722 in Håstrup to Ellen Hansdatter.

3.    Ellen Hansdatter, born 17 Okt 1697 in Håstrup, dead 10 Mar 1792 in Brahetrolleborg.


4.    Rasmus Hansen Storm, born 1657, buried 26 May 1726.  Copyhold farmer in the vicar's annex farm in Håstrup under Brahetrolleborg manor. Probably son of Hans Ibsen. He was married to Mette Pedersdatter.

5.    Mette Pedersdatter, born 1657, buried 12 Dec 1733.

6.    Hans Pedersen.  Farmer.


8.    Hans Ibsen.  According to Nyborg County's tax files he was a copyhold farmer in the vicar's annex farm in Haastrup. According to Palle Gravesen, the family relation to Rasmus Hansen Storm has not been definitively verified.