Poul Jacobsen Kinafarer (1717-75)


Poul Jacobsen Kinafarer has a large posterity and despite an ambition to map all of his descendants, I must admit that I am far from reaching this goal. So any help is appreciated.

In particular, I am searching for descendants of Poul Kinafarer's youngest son Poul Jacobsen, born 1768, who inherited the parents' merchant courtyard in Faaborg. This inquiry has just been actualized as an ancestor gallery has recently emerged in this branch.

Anne Louise Sophie ne Hansen (1856-)
Anne Louise Sophie ne Hansen

Anne Louise Sophie ne Hansen (born 1856)

Anne Louise Sophie Hansen was my wife Tove's great-grandmother. She was born 15 Jan 1856 in Kerteminde, Denmark. Parents: Coachman Lars Hansen and wife Else Margrethe Jrgine Nielsen. In 1880 she married Niels William Storm (1849-97), first officer and later captain on Danish steamships sailing in South-east Asia. They had two children in Kerteminde: Poul William Storm (1882-1975) and Else Sofie Storm (1883-1980).

Sophie Storm left her husband and their children, probably shortly before 1890 as the children in 1890 were fostered by Niels Storm's sister Anne Elisabeth Ingemann.

The family legend says that Sophie emigrated with another man - who is unknown to us - and settled in U.S.A. Communication was very limited, but it is believed that she had another son by the name Laurits or Lauritz.

The only evidence we have of Anne Louise Sophie from U.S.A. is the photo to the right marked by the photographer: Holloway, Newport, R.I., Rockland, Massachussets.

Any help in finding information about Anne Louise Sophie Hansen and her potential descendants in U.S.A. will be highly appreciated.