Poul Jacobsen "Kinafarer" (1717-75)


I have an old ambition of mapping all of Poul Kinafarer's descendency. Together with my wife Tove Storm Tuxen - one of the descendants - I wrote a small genealogy book about one of the branches in 1994. But the posterity is large - very large. So it takes time and I may never succeed. But I have collected sufficient material to publish a bit about the first generations here. If you are searching for particular persons, you may benefit from using my search page. But as mentioned, I have included only the first generations and as a general rule I do not include persons born after 1900. If you are searching for people younger than that, you will have to contact me directly.

The branch which is most thoroughly covered is the posterity of Hans Poulsen Storm as this was the topic of our genealogy book.
I also have quite some material about the descendency of the oldest daughter Maren Jacobsen, married to skipper Hans Christensen Winning. In addition I have collected some material on the posterity of Kathrine Marie Jacobsen, married to tenant on Østrupgaard Niels Tolderlund.

In contrast, I have very little material about descendants after the following:

If you have knowledge about these families (and naturally also about the families Storm, Winning and Tolderlund), please contact me (see my contact details in the lower right corner of this page). And naturally I will contribute if you miss information about branches that I know of.

1. Poul Jacobsen born 3 Jan 1717, Svanninge, (son of Jacob Poulsen and Maren Jensdatter), married 24 May 1748 in Brahetrolleborg to Mette Marie Hansdatter Storm, born 1727, Brahetrolleborg, (daughter of Hans Rasmussen Storm and Ellen Hansdatter) d. 30 Aug 1814, Faaborg, buried in Faaborg Church. Poul died 18 Feb 1775, Faaborg, buried 25 Feb 1775, in Faaborg Church. Merchant in Faaborg. Nicknamed Poul Kinafarer, because he went three times to China on board Asiatic Company's ships in the years 1735-44. A warehouse to his merchant courtyard in Faaborg is still standing. Described in many sources.

Second Generation

2. Hans Poulsen Storm born 19 Apr 1749, married 4 Jan 1775, in Faaborg, Birthe Maria Hansdatter Helnis, born 14 Dec 1748, Faaborg, (daughter of Hans Helnis and Karen Sørensdatter) died 28 Feb 1816, Assens. Hans died 12 Jan 1799, Faaborg. Skipper and merchant in Faaborg.

3. Maren Jacobsen born 17 Jun 1750, Faaborg, married (1) 17 Apr 1771, in Faaborg, Hans Christensen Winning, born 1732, (son of Christen Jørgensen Winning and Anne Cathrine Hansdatter (Hellesen)) died 30 Sep 1787, married (2) 22 Oct 1788, in Faaborg, Jørgen Nielsen Møller, born appr. 1748. Maren died 15 Apr 1836, Faaborg, buried 22 Apr 1836, Faaborg. Descendants.
Hans: Skipper and tradesman in Faaborg.
Jørgen: Skipper and innkeeper in Faaborg.

4. Ellen Marie Jacobsen born 3 Oct 1751. Died probably as a young girl.

5. Jacobine Jacobsen born 28 Aug 1753, died 21 Jun 1773.

6. Kathrine Marie Jacobsen born 27 Nov 1755, married 21 Apr 1779, in Faaborg, Niels Tolderlund, born 22 Dec 1754, (son of Mads Nielsen Tolderlund and Maren Rasmusdatter) died 19 Dec 1818. Descendants.
Niels: Tenant.

7. Jacob Antonius Jacobsen born 20 Mar 1757, died 4 Jun 1785, Christiansand, Norge. Skipper in Faaborg. Died by drowning. Was at his death engaged to Jacobine Antonia Ploug.

8. Frederikke Jacobsen born 21 Apr 1758, married 23 Apr 1788, in Faaborg, Georg Carl Ulrich Michelsen. Frederikke died 20 Feb 1828, Faaborg. No children.

9. Johanne Jacobsen born 2 Aug 1759, married 17 Jul 1792, in Faaborg, Preben Bøving, born 24 Apr 1762, Faaborg, (son of Frands Johan Gerhard Bøving and Magdalene Jensdatter Orten) died 20 Nov 1811, Vigsnæs. Johanne died 9 Jan 1830. Descendants.

10. Poul Jacobsen born 13 Dec 1760. Died young.

11. Mette Marie Jacobsen born 28 Oct 1763. Died young.

12. Niels Jacobsen born 15 Jan 1766, died 1777.

13. Mette Marie Jacobsen born 11 Aug 1767, Faaborg, married 15 Feb 1792, in Faaborg, Johan Georg Vilhelm Bøving, born 30 Mar 1763, Faaborg, (son of Frands Johan Gerhard Bøving and Magdalene Jensdatter Orten) died 8 Dec 1828, Faaborg. Mette died 30 Apr 1852, Faaborg. Descendants.
Johan: Pharmacist in Faaborg.

14. Poul Jacobsen born 28 Sep 1768, married 20 Mar 1805, in Faaborg, Frederikke Eleonore von der Hude, born 21 Jul 1781, (daughter of Jens Zeban von der Hude and Annette Kirstine Christensdatter Glave) died summer 1874. Poul died 6 May 1848, buried 11 May 1848. Merchant in Faaborg. Inherited the merchant courtyard after his mother. Descendants.