Poul Jacobsen "Kinafarer" (1717-75)

Poul Kinafarer's Courtyard in Faaborg

Poul Kinafarer's Courtyard 1975

Poul Kinafarer's Courtyard 1975

In 1754, the merchant Poul Jacobsen 'Kinafarer' purchased a large courtyard in the centre of Faaborg, right next to the city square. He developed it into probably the largest merchant store of the florissant period in Faaborg. Most of the buildings are long gone and substituted by more modern houses, but one warehouse building which he probably built in the 1760's is still standing and known as Poul Kinafarer's Courtyard.

The photo is from 1975, when there was an antique shop in the building. Since then, the building has been through a complete renovation and now houses a lawyer firm, of course named "The Lawyers in Poul Kinafarer's Courtyard".

The lovely silhouette in the gateway belongs to Poul Kinafarer's great-great-great-great grandchild Tove Susanne Storm, born in 1953 and married in 1978 to me.