Christoffer Nielsen Tønder (1587-1656)

Bailiff and Customs Officer

Christoffer Nielsen Tønder was born 20 Jan 1587 as son of merchant in Tønder (Denmark) Niels (Nis) Mortensen and Marine Petersdatter Leck. Christoffer married 1) appr. 1615 Sidsel Andersdatter (appr. 1590 - 9 Mar 1630) and 2) appr. 1631 Karen Olufsen Skriver (born appr. 1610). He died 31 Dec 1656 on Bremnes, Nordmøre.

Christoffer was captain in Vardø before becoming bailiff, first in Fosen from 1622 to 1631, later in Nordmøre from 1632 to 1647. He was finally appointed customs officer in Nordmøre, working in that position from 1647 until his death in 1656. He is said to have been a very rich man, owning large areas in Møre. He had e.g. taken the estate Holden as security from the family Bjelke.

Unfortunately, there is no painting of Christoffer Tønder in the ancestor gallery from Dønnes, but there is one of his son, chief county admidministrative officer Peder Christoffersen Tønder.