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Lauritz Howe: Fall in the Deer Park 1915

Lauritz Howe: Fall in the Deer Park, 1915

Lauritz Howe: Fall in the Deer Park, 1915

This painting, probably from the Deer Park north of Copenhagen, gives the sentiment of the fall in the open forest. In this sense, it is typical for Lauritz Howe, but we seldomly see motives like this from his hand.

I am selling this painting, not because I don't like it, but because we have too little space on our walls. Rather than hiding it away, I would like to see an enthusiast own it.

You can read more about Lauritz Howe on this page.

Description: Oil on hardboard, h:48 cm., w:41 cm. (with frame h:50 cm., w:43 cm.). Signed L. Howe 1915.

Condition: Normal for a painting of this age. There are small cracks and shellings in less important spots. The frame is simple and in a fine condition.

Price: 1,000 DKK (appr. 215 USD) plus p&p. I accept payments via PayPal.

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