The Family Brandstrup from Frederikshavn

Inquiries about unknown branches

In our research for material to a genealogy book about the family Brandstrup from Frederikshavn in Denmark, Werner Brandstrup Andreasen and I have met some white spots, particularly abroad. The most important ones are mentioned below.

The third of Lars Post's children (see the family history) was Peder Hansen. He emigrated to the coastal city of Hartlepool in the north-eastern parts of England where he settled as ship broker. He experienced that it was difficult for the English to pronounce his family name Brandstrup and changed it to Hansen which also became the family name for his descendants. Later on, he moved his business to Newcastle upon Tyne. 30 Mar 1810 he married an English girl named Agnes Endacott Wotton and they had three children:

1. Peter Hansen, born appr. 1813, most likely in Norway. He too became a broker in Newcastle. He married Susan and had five children:

2. Agnes Sophie Hansen, born appr. 1825 in Newcastle.

3. Hendrick Hansen, born appr. 1827. Broker in Hartlepool.

If you know anything about these people and their descendants, Werner and I will be very happy to be contacted. See my contact information in the lower right corner of this page.