Hugo Larsen: From Gallows Bay, St. Croix

The Painter Hugo Larsen (1875-1950)

Hugo Larsen was one of the most talented Danish artists ever to visit the Danish West Indies (now U.S. Virgin Islands), but until recently more or less unknown. These pages will show you why he deserves the fame that he is about to receive now, many years after his death.


The son of a Danish master painter who graduated from Copenhagen Academy of Art, participated in the most famous art exhibitions in Denmark, spent several productive years in the Danish West Indies, and who visited and painted at many of the Danish manors, yet managed to be forgotten by the public.

Hugo Larsen Exhibitions

Since the turn of the millenium, Hugo Larsen's art has been exhibited like never before. In 2005, his paintings from the moors were on display at the exhibition "Landscapes surrounding Viborg". In 2006, Øregaard Museum north of Copenhagen had a spectacular special exhibition of his art from the Danish West Indies (now USVI). This exhibition was followed up by a similar one at the Danish Maritime Museum in Elsinore later in 2006. In 2008, a number of Hugo Larsen's works were displayed at the exhibition "Transfer" in Overgaden in Copenhagen. In 2012, three of his West Indian paintings were presented at the exhibition "Caribbean: Crossroads of the World" in New York, the first time ever that Hugo Larsen's art has ben exhibited in the United States.

Hugo Larsen for Sale

Interested in purchasing art by Hugo Larsen? Take a look at what is presently for sale. You may also wish to own the Hugo Larsen booklet published in both English and Danish.

The Virtual Gallery

Few of Hugo Larsen's paintings are owned by museums. In order to partly compensate for this sad fact, I have collected a virtual gallery with photos of a number of his paintings and drawings. The gallery is divided into many exhibition rooms, e.g. paintings from the Danish West Indies, West Indian drawings, signed portraits, Hugo Larsen's muses, drawings/sketches and other works. In most parts of the gallery you will find art from his visit to the Danish West Indies in 1904-1907.

A Video about Hugo Larsen's Art

St. Croix Friends of Denmark has completed an ambitious video project "Danish Artist Hugo Larsen's Cultural Portrait of Our Islands 1904-1907" that has resulted in a one hour documentary showing life in the then Danish West Indies as seen through Hugo Larsen's art. The video is now for sale.

Written about Hugo Larsen

Hugo Larsen never wrote about himself and his art. But others did - and still do.

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