Support Group for Svein Tore Dahl

During 1999 and 2000 Svein Tore Dahl, partly in collaboration with Kåre Hasselberg, released four noteworthy books about government officials and the clergy in Middle and Northern Norway from the Reformation until about 1700. You will find information about these books on this page.

Despite the obvious qualities of the books, the publications have been problematic in several ways. Dahl himself mentioned some of the problems in the prefaces to some of the books, e.g. the absense of public or private funding of his research and publications.

Partly on this background, a group of readers decided to establish an informal support group for Dahl's continued historical research and publications. The group had no formal organisation and no dues, but a common goal.

Until Dahl's sudden death in October 2000, the objective of the group was to support Dahl's work with a number of practical activities, e.g.:

The group was active for appr. half a year and managed to create and publish indexes and suggestions for corrections and amendments of Dahls books. All other activities, e.g. construction of Dahl's own homepage, proof-reading of future publications, technical assistance etc. were in the preparatory stage and had to be ceased. Formally, the group remained in existence until late summer 2001, mainly to offer its assistance in reprinting of the existing publications and to help in transfer of the unpublished material to a qualified third party. When Dahl's family published in August 2001 that it took responsibility itself for reprints, the group decided to break up.

At the time of dissolution, the group consisted of the following members:
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Erik Lie
Henry L. Weckhorst
Jan Tuxen
Lars Steinar Hansen
Michael G. Landmark
Olav Berger
Thor Egede-Nissen

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Jan Tuxen