Hugo Larsen: View from the Hills above Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

Hugo Larsen: View from the Hills above Charlotte Amalie. Signed on the reverse and marked St. Thomas 1906. Oil on canvas, 36 x 57.5 cm.
Owner: Knuthenborg. Photo: Finn Brasen.

"[..] This painting is among his best and is in interpretation and expression closely linked to the French Impressionist painter Paul Czanne (1839-1906). The style of painting with both is pictures dominated by quick brush strokes, and by the same value of colors in the foreground as in the horizon, a feature contributing to reducing the sense of depth of the image. The shadows are painted in blue, Cubist planes no attempt has been made to eliminate the transition between light and shadow. The picture can almost be described as one of colored planes making sense when seen at a distance but up close dissolving into an orgy of colored dots. [..]"

[Curator Helle Brendstrup in the book "Hugo Larsen in The Danish West Indies 1904-07". Translation: Nina York]

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