The coat of arms of Cort Olufsen Coldevin, late 16th century

The Family Coldevin

Coldevin is a well-known Norwegian family that has influenced the history of several parts of the country.

Originally, the family immigrated around 1600, probably from one of the German duchies. The first generations were officials in and around Tønsberg, but later the family spread its influence to other parts of the country, most notably Middle and Northern Norway where they became officers and landowners.

I have collected quite some material about this family. Unfortunately, it is all in Danish and Norwegian. All links to Coldevin material therefore lead to pages in these languages.


From bailiff in Tønsberg Cort Coldevey through the first generations until the family divides into distinct branches.
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Family sheets

There are probably many thousands of descendants in this family, although the family name itself is rare. I have collected descendant tables of many of the early branches.
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Isach Jørgen Coldevin (1724-93), the first Coldevin on Dønnes.

Coldevin on Dønnes

Dønnes was one of the most extensive Norwegian estates. For five generations, Coldevin owned this estate. The traces are many and deep, including ancestry from Christoffer Tønder (1587-1656).
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The Officer family Coldevin

Colonel Jørgen Coldevin's map of 'Frosten Compagnie-District' 1739.

A branch of the family became officers in Nord-Trøndelag. They also made maps.
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