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I am truly sorry, but most of my site is still in Danish only and you happened to hit a page with no current English equivalent.

What you can do here and now is to let Google Translate make a rough translation. It is by no means perfect, but it will give you an impression of what the page is about.

I have many megabytes of pure text (excluding graphics) on this site, so translating it all is an overwhelming task. And I am not a skilled interpreter. But I am willing to consider translation of parts that may have a general interest in English. And I need your advice in order to prioritize. Simply press the 'Send' button below, and I will receive an e-mail telling me what page you were trying to see in English. I would be happy if in addition you could spare a moment to write a motivation, but this is optional as well as giving me your name and e-mail address.

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You can also turn to my general English summary page, on which I describe the structure of the site and point to the pages that have already been translated into English.

Thank you for your understanding and comments.