Poul Jacobsen Kinafarer (1717-75)

Gems from Poul Kinafarer's closest Family

The objective of this page is to collect a small virtual museum of artefacts originating from Poul Kinafarer and his closest family. Some of these belong to a museum today while others have been inherited through generations and are treasured by the descendants.

Possibly the most treasured gem is an ancestor gallery encompassing a beautiful portrait of Poul Kinafarer's wife Mette Marie Storm. The gallery was found in Canada in 2007 and has now been donated to a museum in Faaborg. Read more about this project.

As can be seen below, this page is still in its infancy. Therefore this page is also a roll call to the family. If you own or know about gems originating from this part of the family, please contact me - preferably with photos and descriptions - and let the family share the story.

Click on one of the thumbnails below to see a larger reproduction or start your tour of the gems here.