The Family Brandstrup from Frederikshavn

Plans for a Genealogy Book

In the following I will assume that you are reading this based on a particular interest in the family Brandstrup from Frederikshavn.


For well over a decade, Werner Brandstrup and I have had plans to write a genalogy book in Danish about constable Lars Larsen 'Brandstrup' (appr. 1670 - 1741) and his descendants.

For several reasons the work takes more resources and longer time than originally expected. First of all, the family is much larger than we anticipated. Second, there are many branches which have been and still are hard to research. I am afraid I have previously told family members that the book would be completed in a year or so. Now many years later I have to apologize for this statement. Which is also why we are no longer making any promise as to when - or whether - the material will be completed.

But we have found the majority of the family and I have been in written or oral contact with many members of the family. I have also noted contact information of all those who have expressed their wish to be contacted when/if the genealogy book will be ready.

If you are among those waiting anxiously for the book, we have to ask for your patience. If there is news in your part of the family, we would very much like to be contacted. In any case, we will contact you when/if the book is ready for print.

That is: We can only contact you if we know you and have your contact details. If not, why don't you contact us?


Genealogy books tend to be a bit dull. If you have sharp b/w photos, paintings and or drawings related to the family, they may be of interest. For technical reasons we will in general need to concentrate on illustrations dated before 1900.